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The Business Expo Center will offer unique concept for Bulgaria


The rapid development of Bulgarian resorts and the increase of construction volumes on the Black Sea coast are facts known by everyone. But with them a need to organize exhibitions to respond to the demand of investors, contractors and other business people emerges. Yet, there are no conditions for such events. But the development of the first and only building in Southeast Bulgaria, which will offer an exhibition center, office and retail space, is to start very soon in Burgas.

The future building will be located in a communicative and carefully chosen place – at the entrance of the city, very near to retailers like Metro, Carrefour (under construction), Technomarket Evropa, business and logistics centers, hotels. The building will have 15,781 sq m of built-up area, of which 86 offices on 9,500 sq m, six stores on 3,128 sq m, a 1,100-sq m exhibition hall, a conference hall, a café-restaurant, as well as storage space for maintenance an services. Eurobuilding Engineering, the developer, hopes that the Expo Center will become a landmark building for Burgas. For the goals of the project, its development and concept we talked to the company’s General Manager Georgi Tanev.

Mr. Tanev, what are the main goals and the idea of your project?
The development of this project is a result of the studies we have concluded, as well as preliminary conversations and agreements with different companies for the adequate use of the capacity of the Expo Center. The idea is not just to develop an office building, but a place, which will provide both pleasant atmosphere and maximum working comfort. It should be attractive not only for the clients of the companies in the building, but for the employees themselves. All details conform to the latest global trends for maximum realization of the potential of a company’s employees, as comfort is one of the most important elements of it.

Which are the key elements in the project, which will be the unique and interesting, in the building?
The building has very interesting, modern and unique design, which combines comfort and rationality. One of the things that we are proud of is the Japanese rooftop garden. It will have an interesting function – except that it will provide the necessary green and nice look of the roof, it will be adapted for work and for meetings in a working atmosphere. And, of course, the concept of the building is unique and with no alternative currently in Bulgaria – exhibition and office space in one place.

How do you intend to popularize the Expo Center and what is your strategy to attract clients?
Currently, this is a place without alternative around Burgas, and both the concept and the project are unique and are completely juxtapose to Burgas’ scale. Eurobuilding Engineering has developed a complete strategy for the presentation of every exhibition that will take place in the center – from radio, television, press, billboards, target contacts, generally everything that is necessary for the development of a good portfolio of the whole complex. What we also rely on is that there will be many different companies with different activities in the complex, which will operate on different markets.

Have potential clients expressed their interests in the project already and which are the key moments in the sales process?
Quite a lot of investors have already declared their interest in the future building but we are not in a hurry to conclude sales. Our partners from real estate agency Lux Imoti will be our consultant and have the exclusive rights for the project. The key word in the moment for this project is return. The concept of this place is to operate successfully at 100% occupation. We would like the companies in it, no matter buyers or tenants, to feel the benefits of working in a place that will have positive influence on everyone who has invested in it, no matter if it has been the purchase of a shop or an office or the use the exhibition hall.

And how are you planning to manage with the competition?
Currently, I claim that we are depleting all competitors, not only at local, but also at a national level with quality, approach and professionalism in every phase of the construction process. This and every other our building is a mirror of the professionalism of the whole team. Eurobuilding Engineering is a young company, though it is in no way inferior to every development company in Bulgaria and this project is the real evidence.
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